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A horse breeder is a person who has the horse animal husbandry profession.

The horse breeders are dedicated to seek the care needed to grow healthily horses, and often obtain economic returns.

Horse breeding is usually done in order to list the individuals when they reach a certain age in return for financial gain. At other times, breeding is to economically exploit the animals by taking advantage of some skills, such as speed, strength, agility, obedience, learning ability to adapt them to other activities like sports (riding, horse racing, polo, raid, endurance), shows, reproduction, etc.

The breeder is responsible for:

Feeding horses properly and ensure the animals drink on a daily basis. Make cleaning up their cages or habitats where animals are hosted.

Examine their health regularly and provide care and medications or, in cases of serious illness, tell the vet. Add regular physical measurements of the major animal as weight, height, length, etc.. and monitor its evolution.

Make or mend fences or cages that separate them and regulates the temperature and ventilation of the building in which they are hosted.

In specific cases, the farmer acts as animal trainer, to teach them specific behaviors.

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