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History of Arab Horses

History of Arab Horses

Arabian horses are from the Middle East, there they have evolved for over 5000 years. The incredible skills of these horses are: great strength, intelligence and docility to all equestrian sports, gaining international popularity in racing and endurance events, extremely hard disciplines. Many breeds have been improved thanks to genetics of these horses, always aided by the excellent breeding has been practiced with dedication, generation after generation by the Arabs and Bedouins tribes.

The dry and arid climate of the Arabian Peninsula has significantly contributed to achieving high strength and lung capacity of these horses. Their morphological characteristics are marked by a compact, athletic body, short back, strong bones, glossy hair, high forehead, large eyes, small nose and ears curves.

It is the oldest horse race in the world and its history accompanies modern humans since their origins.

Excellent 10 minute video of  the arab horses history